Thursday, March 10, 2022

A Bar-End Mirror Mount

(for the throttle side of an old Airhead)

I had bar-end mirrors that I really liked on my '74 R90/6 Sidecar Rig.  They were stable but easily adjusted as the bars had solid ends which were drilled and tapped to mount the mirrors.

When I finally got around to mounting the same mirrors on my '76 R90/6, I found that the throttle side was problematic (there was not an issue with the clutch side).
The original mounting used a compressible rubber(?) cylinder which, if left loose enough so that the throttle returned on its own, the mirror would rotate.  If tightened enough so that the mirror was stable, the throttle could not return.  I could never find a good compromise.  
So, I decided to try making an internal expanding mount so that there would be no issues with the throttle rotation.
I will admit that I became fixed on making this fixture out of aluminum.  I now know that was likely not necessary (see below) but here's now I did it.
From a kind neighbor, I got a block of aluminum and hacksawed out a roughly 1" x 1" x 2" block.  Not having a lathe, I drilled the central hole and modified a bolt so that I could chuck it up in my 50s-era Delta drill press inherited from my Father. 

I then proceeded to make lots of aluminum chips - and it took a long time to get it to an OD that was a several thousandths less than the ID of the handlebar.
I then hacksawed it at about 45 degrees, as shown.
 Mounted, it worked out surprisingly well - and I am proud of my work.

But I now realize that it could have been a lot easier if I had chosen to make the fixture from either a really hard wood (hickory or maple) or even an old screwdriver handle.  

Still, I am pleased.  And it's done.
cln - Nick

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